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Mind Maple - mind mapping

"“It is not enough to have a good mind, the main thing is to use it well.” Rene Descartes

Mind mapping is the visual and easy-to-understand representation of our ideas. It helps us to brainstorm, organize ideas and information visually. They can be used for writing, note taking, to draw connection between ideas, brainstorm in any topic, create visual products, collaborate and grow ideas. All these things lead learning and better comprehension of the concepts.

The idea of using mind maps in education is not a new idea. We, teachers are already using mind maps for decades as they are effective and powerful visual learning tools to develop thinking skills, let the fresh ideas flow and make the learning process easier and more interesting. With the combination of colors, images, drawings, links and words; mind mapping helps kids increase creativity and the flow of ideas. Mind maps support problem solving skill, help to see the big picture with details on one page and encourages group discussions. They also make it easy to refresh ideas and recall information.

Mind maps have become a more powerful tool with the developing technologies. Now the tools that we can create mind maps, are much more appealing with their bright colors, flexibility and the ability to use different multimedia.

As there are dozens of ways to integrate mind mapping into education, meet with MindMaple today to discover how you can boost your students’ learning and engage them more in their own learning."

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